Guide to Moving Furniture

Published: 08th April 2010
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When you move, it is not only important to pack all of your belongings safely and securely, but you should also be careful when moving your furniture. We all know how expensive furniture can be, and if you do not handle your furniture with care while moving, you could end up with a moving headache that could have been prevented in the first place. If you are moving furniture, you will want to read up on the tips listed below to help you make your moving experience less stressful and get your furniture to your new place without damaging it.

-If you can find it in your budget to hire someone to help you move your furniture, do it!

Let's face it, most of your furniture is probably bulky and heavy to pick up. Even the average sized sofa will require two people to handle it. Sure, we all plan to have our neighbors, family, and friends help pitch in to help with our move-but in the real world, we all know things don't always work out as planned. Moving furniture can be a backbreaking ordeal, that's why it is a good choice to hire the professionals to get it done for you. If you can't find it in your budget to pay for a whole move through a professional moving company, at least consider hiring one to help you load and unload your furniture into your moving van or truck.

-Decide what furniture you want to take with you to your new home.

When moving furniture, the one thing you want to do is take inventory of what you have and what you want to take. Any furniture you don't want to take to your new home should be disposed of or given away before you move. Why transport furniture that you do not want or need anymore?

-Clean your furniture prior to prepping it for the move.

Make sure to vacuum your mattresses, sofas, and chairs prior to packing them. Get the dirt and dust off of any other furniture as well. There is no sense in moving furniture that is dirty into your new home.

-Gather your packing supplies.

Moving furniture can be a hassle, but if it is packed correctly, you could easily avoid damage. Furniture blankets, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, mattress and sofa covers, corrugated sheets/ cardboard sheets, old towels and blankets, packing tape, and rope are just some of the top moving products you should have. You can find many of these items at your local discount store, self-storage locations, or local moving companies. If you use a professional moving company and opt for the full-service move, they will more than likely have all of these supplies and more. Not only will most full-service moving companies offer to use these supplies to pack your furniture with, they actually pack your furniture and do the loading and unloading of your furniture too.

-Get your furniture packed up.

Prior to moving furniture, make sure you have emptied out all dresser drawers, cabinets, and anything else you can think of. If you have a mirror attached to your dresser, it is important to remove it before having it loaded onto the truck. To prevent scratches and damage to your furniture, wrap them as best you can in plastic or blankets. Make sure to put covers over any glass tops and tape them up well. If possible, have your sofas and mattresses secured with covers specifically designed for them. If you cannot obtain these covers, secure them in plastic as best you can. Doing so will prevent tearing and staining, and will also keep moisture from getting onto your mattresses and your sofa.

Again, if you can hire professionals to move your furniture, you really should. Moving furniture yourself can save you money on moving costs, but you also risk damaging your furniture and maybe your back in the process.

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